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  Supply and demand
Potato Company "Ephraim v.o.f." stands for quality and is situated in Emmeloord, the heart of the potato area in Holland: the Northeast Polder. Because of this we can buy the best quality potatoes for you, almost throughout the year.

Our specialisation
As potato company we are specialized in: pommes parisiennes, triplets, oversized seed potatoes, potatoes for consumption, and declined seed potatoes. These are sold to the manufacturing sector, the wholesale business, the packers, and part of it goes to Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Romania, through our own export.

Short lines, low costs and quality on top
The potatoes are mostly bought directly from the farmer or grower. This creates short lines, that help us control the costs and guarantee the quality. This benefits all parties involved. In principle, all loads offered are looked at and judged personally. This way we get a good idea of the load, and we’ll proceed to find the right customer. Most growers we buy from are Global-Cap and Food Safety Agriculture certified.

Through the circle of customers that we have been building up throughout the years, we almost always succeed, from the side of the growers, as well as from the side of the customers, to bring the demanding party and the supplying party together with a price that is to each party’s satisfaction.

So may we recommend ourselves politely to call or e-mail us if you are looking for potatoes, or have them on offer.
Ephraim v.o.f.
Ephraim v.o.f.
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